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On guérit ensemble

We heal together

Lately, several people have spoken up to denounce the sexual violence they are facing. The First Nations Forum on Sexual Assault, organized by Québec Native Women in partnership with the FNQLHSSC, was an opportunity to meet, exchange and reflect collectively on solutions that will help put a stop to the problem of sexual assault within our populations. It was a moment to make a commitment together and to act towards collective healing.

During the Forum, participants had the opportunity to work on and adapt a proposed action plan to fight against sexual assault in First Nations. By the end of the forum, the improved action plan was approved by all of First Nations participants.

This is why we launched a campaign to carry the #WeHealTogether movement. This social media campaign is a call for action: in the fight against sexual assault, what can we do to heal together? How can I be doing my part? We want to compel each individual person to think about their role in the movement, and to share it on social media.

Consult the different tabs in this page to find video and written testimonies of people who have participated in the campaign, a model of the action plan to use and adapt in your communities, and an interactive map that presents the available resources across the province.

We encourage our partners to contribute to this map by filling out the form under the “Map of resources” tab.

Now it’s your turn

Use the hashtags #WeHealTogether and #DoingMyPart to share your vision on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Let’s turn this campaign into a sustainable collective movement!


Map of resources

Consult this map to find the different available resources in the province that help fight against sexual assault.
You can also share your resources by filling out the form below:

Categories of services

Target groups

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First Nations of Québec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission

250 Place Chef-Michel-Laveau, Wendake, QC G0A 4V0


Québec Native Women

P.O. Box 1989 Kahnawake, QC J0L 1B0


Centres d’Amitié Autochtones du Québec

85, boulevard Bastien, suite 100 Wendake (Québec) G0A 4V0



In this toolbox, you will find different resources to support you and your community, along with several elements that emerged from the First Nations Forum on Sexual Assault. We hope this toolbox will be in constant evolution, based on what is being developed in the communities.

You have good ideas or initiatives that you’d like to share? Your community put in place a program that is working well? Contribute to the toolbox by sharing your tools with us by email at communication@faq-qnw.org.

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