Defending the rights of Indigenous women and amending the unfair provisions of the Indian Act are at the origin of the establishment of the Association. QNW has developed recognized expertise in terms of advocating for the rights of Indigenous women since 1974: by promoting the right to equality between Indigenous women and men, denouncing the Indian Act, accompanying families of missing and murdered women, or by supporting survivors of residential schools. With the Justice dossier, QNW supports the priorities and rights of Indigenous women with regard to justice and public security by facilitating the transmission of information and recommendations to partners involved in the improvement of living conditions of Indigenous women and their families.



A winding life path, premature family life; Indigenous women do not necessarily follow a straight line, but Québec Native Women gives them the opportunity to return to school and/or to find a job at any age. The Employment and Training Assistance Program allows dozens of Aboriginal women to find appropriate training and integrate into the labour market every year.


The future of our communities is in the involvement of its youth. As leaders in the youth dossier, Québec Native Women promotes the involvement of young Indigenous women in defending their rights by integrating them into the workings of the Association. It also offers various specialized workshops on the realities of youth in communities and offers opportunities to participate in internships abroad. QNW also created the first Council of Young Indigenous Women in Canada.



Promotion non-violence and Shelters Network is the oldest dossier of Québec Native Women (QNW). QNW was the first organization to denounce violence in the Indigenous communities of Québec. QNW's action centred on analyzing the causes of this violence, raising awareness of family violence within and outside of communities, by promoting a non-violent solution to the situation, taking into account all members of the community. QNW also works closely with Indigenous women’s and men’s shelters.


The health of Indigenous women is directly linked to the respect of their rights: the right to a healthy environment, the right to a life free of violence and discrimination, the right to employment, the right to the respect of their culture. The Québec Native Women Health program provides training in sexual and reproductive health, established a campaign against sexual violence and advocates for the upgrading of traditional knowledge.


Legal and Policy Analyst


International Relations Since 2005, Québec Native Women has developed numerous partnerships with other Indigenous organizations at the international level and is increasing its skills through exchanging expertise with other organizations. In this way, QNW participates in a continental network of Indigenous women organizations. QNW supports the right of Indigenous peoples to self-determination and has been actively participating, since 2006, in the National and Québec Coalitions for Canada to adopt the UN Declaration on the rights of Indigenous Peoples, without any conditions. Since 2009, QNW has also obtained ECOSOS Status from the United Nations, allowing us to participate in the many international negotiations affecting Indigenous peoples and women at the international level.