22 September

Kahnawake, September 22, 2016 – Before colonization, being two-spirited was considered a gift that brought respect and honour. Two-spirited individual’s roles were valued within our communities, but with the arrival of settlers’ this vision had been changed. As a result, today many two-spirited people face intimidation and discrimination within their communities as well as in urban areas due to their sexual orientations or identity.

On October 3rd, Quebec Native Women (QNW), with the financial help from Justice Quebec, will present its conference «Turning towards our traditions: Valuing LGBTQ/Two-spirited Aboriginals and fighting against sexual discrimination».

This event is free and will be held on October 3, 2016,
from 9 :00 am to 
5 :00 pm, at Maddie’s Place in Kahnawake.

This day will focus on the LGBTQ/Two-spirited Aboriginals realities and aims to provide a platform for the participant to share, network and learn. It also hopes to offer tools to service providers to better meet the needs of LGBTQ/Two-spirit Aboriginal members.

Featured speakers will be:

  • Diane Labelle: Director of First Nations Regional Adult Education Center
  • Suzy Goodleaf: Psychologist and Marital Family Therapist
  • Albert McLeod: Co-Director of Two-Spirited People of Manitoba
  • Christopher Sheppard: Executive Director St.John’s Native Friendship Center
  • Mona Belleau: Inuk activist
  • Gina Metallic: Registered Social Worker through the Ontario College of Social Workers
  • Sylvia Maracle: Executive Director of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centers
  • Natalie L. Williams: Member of the transgender community