06 October

Kahnawake, October 6, 2016 – Following the Government of Quebec’s announcement at the National Assembly, Quebec Native Women (QNW) welcomes the Bill on customary adoption in Indigenous communities. For QNW, this legislation represents an important step towards the recognition of our ancestral customs and their effects in our contemporary societies.

QNW is also pleased to have been able to participate in the many steps that led to the Bill announced today. We are convinced that it will have a significant impact on both Indigenous youth’s and their parents’ rights in Quebec. Despite the fact that customary adoption has always been a reality and a right in Indigenous communities, until today, this custom was not recognized by the Government of Quebec. The consultation period following today’s announcement will be very important. Indeed, we must educate Quebec society if we want customary adoption to be truly recognized and understood. QNW will be happy to contribute in this effort.

“Now that the Government recognizes the practice of customary adoption in our communities, we must provide the legal community with tools so that it is better equipped to understand the nature and scope of this custom in every nation. Customary adoption involves the protection of our children, this is why a collaboration between the Government of Quebec and our people will be needed. This is an important step on the path to reconciliation.” – Viviane Michel, QNW’s president.

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