11 July

Kahnawake, July 11, 2017 – QNW is alarmed by the recent announcement of the departure of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls Commissioner Marilyn Poitras. QNW is concerned about yet another high-level resignation within the Inquiry’s team.

This departure clearly signals that there are issues, including the lack of communication and lack of transparency from the Commissioners. Families and organizations over the past few months have raised these concerns repeatedly. It is time for the Inquiry to stop burying its head in the sand and clearly address the issues. The lack of communication undermines the credibility of the Inquiry and only intensifies frustration within the communities. At this point, it is more than necessary for the Inquiry to communicate the various steps and discussions that have taken place. Now, more than ever, QNW expects the Inquiry to openly share its challenges and successes with the families, the organizations and the public.

Organizations and families are committed to this Inquiry and hope that outcome of it will ultimately improve the well-being and safety of Indigenous women and girls across Canada. The constructive criticisms and alternative methods that have been suggested in the past months are deserved of consideration that is more thoughtful. Actions must be taken to meaningfully repair the sense of trust in this process. QNW is still prepared to support the Inquiry, but the issues must be resolved to ensure its continuity. QNW notes that the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) also faced difficulties were ultimately positively resolved.

“QNW believes that this departure could be a turning point for the Inquiry. For several months, organizations and families have raised their concerns. Today, QNW expects the Inquiry to respond with a moment of reflect followed by substantive changes. More than ever, we want the success of this Inquiry and together we will succeed in honoring the memory of our women “states Viviane Michel, QNW’s President.


Source :
Laureanne Fontaine, Communication Officer
communication@faq-qnw.org / Tel.: 450-632-0088 ex. 232