06 October

Kahnawake, October 6 2017 – Québec Native Women is greatly pleased with the enactment of Bill 99: An Act to amend the Youth Protection Act and other provisions, and wishes to congratulate the collaborative effort between First Nations and the government of Québec. Our organization having presented a memoire in the context of this work last fall (Le Droit à l’Identité Culturelle Autochtone et la Collaboration Pour l’Avenir de nos Enfants et de nos Futures Générations, September 2016), we feel that the work conducted in the context of these legislative amendments to the Youth Protection Act is a true victory.

FAQ has worked tirelessly to defend the right to cultural identity for indigenous children who are placed under the Youth Protection Direction, and we recognize the importance of the government’s willingness to preserve indigenous identity and culture within this bill. The enactment of Bill 99 now recognizes the extended family as being able to care for children under the Youth Protection, thus allowing the transmission of strong community and family values. The voices of indigenous women and children were heard throughout the consultations, and we acknowledge the effort in that regard of the Ministre déléguée à la Réadaptation, à la Protection de la jeunesse, à la Santé publique et aux Saines habitudes de vie.

This work has also allowed for a true collaboration between political and administrative institutions within the government, in addition to First Nations organizations, and FAQ wishes to reiterate the importance of this type of process. We encourage the federal government to follow this example by investing equally in the protection of the rights of indigenous children and families. This is how we wish to work with the State on future bills, by maintaining a relationship of collaboration, in a perspective of reconciliation.

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Julia Couture-Glassco,
Communication officer
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Sipi Flamand, Legal and policy analyst
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