03 May

Kahnawake, May 3rd 2018 – Québec Native Women is satisfied by the ruling of Judge Thomas Davis, which determines that the eviction of the non-Indigenous Kahnawake residents is a discriminatory policy. Since this debate began, QNW has consistently taken a stance against discrimination.

The issue of exclusion and access to membership is at the root of the creation of QNW. Indeed, the organization’s founder, Mary Two-Axe Earley, had to fight for her Indigenous status to be recognized, and to have the right to live in her community.

QNW believes that it is important not to reproduce colonial practices of exclusion and division, and to respect each person’s right to recognition. While we understand that the Kahnawake Band Council has its own policies, and that self-determination remains a priority, it is essential to respect the Charter of Human Rights and Freedom for all citizens.

“Just like our founder, who paved the way for the rights of Indigenous women, we want to acknowledge the courage and strength of the women who mobilized to defend their rights. We recognize the importance of the right to self-determination for the community of Kahnawake, just like for all First Nations communities. However, we denounce the climate of insecurity and violence which resulted from the policies of exclusion. We are convinced that the community of Kahnawake can work towards a consensus in order to solve this issue in a peaceful and collective manner, reflecting Indigenous values and practices,” states Viviane Michel, President of Québec Native Women.

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Source : Julia Couture-Glassco, Communication Officer
communication@faq-qnw.org | 450-632-0088, ext. 232