15 February

Kahnawake, February 15th 2018 – Québec Native Women wishes to react to the announcement made by Prime Minister Trudeau regarding the creation of a framework for recognition and implementation of Indigenous rights.

The creation of this new framework is directed towards a national mobilization, which includes several major elements: pan-Canadian consultations regarding the recognition and implementation of Indigenous rights; an acceleration of the process towards self-determination; the solidifying of the relationship between Canada and Indigenous peoples and the replacement of current laws and policies regarding global land claims and the inherent right to governmental autonomy.

Although this announcement represents a historic moment for our country, and demonstrates a real motivation to bring about change, we receive it with precaution. Since colonization, the rights of Indigenous peoples have been systematically pushed aside at all levels, whether political, social or economic. In order to bring about real change towards the recognition of Indigenous rights, it is essential to allow for much more time than one year of consultations and the creation of a framework. However, the Trudeau government has demonstrated true leadership in the revision of policies that impact Indigenous peoples, by putting the emphasis on principles of inclusion, collaboration, respect, reconciliation, and recognition of the Indigenous past.

« QNW congratulates the Trudeau government for this historic initiative. However, it is absolutely essential that concrete actions follow these words. This process not only must be undertaken by and for First Nations, but it is also necessary for Indigenous women to be at the heart of this transition, » states Viviane Michel, President of Québec Native Women.

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Source : Julia Couture-Glassco, Communication Officer
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