30 March

Kahnawake, March 29, 2017 – Following the announcement of the 2017-2018 Quebec provincial budget, Quebec Native Women (QNW) agrees with the Government of Quebec that there has been a deficit in the services provided to Indigenous peoples in the province. QNW would like to highlight the badly needed increase in financial contribution to improve certain services in Quebec, such as health, social services, education and justice.

QNW is also following with interest the budget assigned to the Aboriginal Initiatives Fund. This fund will have a great impact on the development of the government social development action plan for Aboriginals in Quebec. What concerns QNW is the lack of details on how the amounts will be distributed as well as ensuring that the investments will be fully implemented. “QNW is looking forward to working with the Provincial government by ensuring the priorities of Indigenous women and their families are taken into account within these funds”, says Viviane Michel, President of Quebec Native Women.

Recent events in this province have demonstrated the urgency of addressing the issue of public security services in Quebec. Ensuring that women can securely approach public security officers within the province necessitates adequate funding be allocated to improved training of police officers. Underfunding of Indigenous police forces also affects the safety and well-being of Indigenous women, their families and their community.