21 November

KANHAWAKE, November 21, 2019 – In the wake of the nomination of the cabinet ministers yesterday in Ottawa for the Trudeau government’s second mandate, Quebec Native Women Inc. (QNW) would like to congratulate the Honourable Carolyn Bennett for the confidence Prime Minister Trudeau has in her qualities, allowing her to pursue her activities as Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations. In this same spirit, our organization will be pleased to collaborate with the Honourable Marc Miller, and we offer him our compliments for his nomination as Minister of Indigenous Services.

As a non-partisan organization, QNW consistently maintains the pursuit of a renewed and open dialogue with the members of the elected government and the opposition parties. We are confident that Minister Bennett, who was formerly Minister for Public Health, and Minister Miller, who dedicated himself to accessibility of affordable housing and poverty among children since his election as Member of Parliament, will continue the collaboration between QNW and their ministries.

By working together as members of the cabinet and Indigenous organizations, we will be in a position to find sustainable solutions to allow all Indigenous women, as well as their families and communities, greater accessibility to and stability in a decent standard of living, and the means to benefit from all rights and freedoms in Canada.

“Now that the new cabinet has been nominated with collaboration in mind, the time has come for action.” – Viviane Michel, President, QNW

Let us recall that the working group for the implementation of the calls to action in the final report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls has still not been formed. QNW awaits its invitation to participate in this committee.

About QNW Quebec Native Women represents Indigenous women from communities and urban areas in the province of Quebec since 1974. https://faq-qnw.org

Alexandra Lorange- Analyste juridique et politique
Analyste @faq-qnw.org