04 July

The staff at QNW is launching the QNW Otehiminan Award, which recognizes the outstanding contribution of young Indigenous women to their community.  Two awards are offered: 1000$ and 500$.

A candidate can apply on her own, or another person may apply on her behalf, provided both are Indigenous women between the ages of 18 – 35 years.  A second person aged 17 or older must co-sign the submission, to be received at the address info@faq-qnw.org, no later than October 26th, 2018. Recipients will be invited to attend the banquet of the Annual Gathering of Members on Friday, November 16th in Laval.

The letter of no more than two (2) pages must clearly describe:

  • What the outstanding contribution was: what improvement or benefit did the woman bring about?
  • What was the motivation leading to the initiative: what led the woman to take the initiative? (If the letter is from the woman who made the contribution.)
  • Who (which community or group) benefited from it?
  • How did the woman bring about or create the benefit?
  • Is the benefit a one-time only contribution, or will it continue?

The application should include at least one written testimonial from someone who personally benefited from this initiative, indicating how that person actually benefited.  A picture of the candidate would be helpful, as well as of some of the beneficiaries from her actions.

Send your application to info@faq-qnw.org. Deadline: October 26th!