01 March

Petition for the recognition of systemic racism and discrimination against Indigenous women and girls

Indigenous women are twice as much discriminated against by virtue of being women and Indigenous: racism is compounded by sexism and other forms of patriarchal and colonial oppression. Although systemic racism has been recognized at the federal level, the Quebec government continues to deny its existence.

We, the undersigned, ask the Government of Quebec:

  • To recognize the existence of systemic racism and discrimination against Indigenous people, and in particular women and girls;
  • To implement concrete actions to eradicate systemic racism and discrimination, rooted in our institutions since colonization;
  • To immediately and unconditionally adopt Joyce’s Principle;
  • To co-create and implement culturally appropriate and culturally safe services in collaboration with Indigenous people.

Quebec Native Women supports the women of the Atikamekw Nation and all Indigenous women and girls. In Joyce’s memory, Quebec Native Women continues to take the necessary steps to ensure that real change occurs and that another tragic tragedy of this kind never happens again. It is high time to put an end to these atrocities.

Quebec Native Women therefore invites the population to sign the petition that is available on the National Assembly website. The petition will be presented in the Blue Room in March 2023.


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Together, against systemic racism and discrimination!