27 April

With the project “Listening to the Wisdom of Niokominanak (Our Elders)” Quebec Native Women (QNW) will be gathering elder Indigenous women (women aged 55+) and young Indigenous women (aged 18 to 35) from the Innu nation in Sept-Îles on April 27-28, 2019.

Registration deadline is April 1st! To register online click on this link.

Contact us for more details or check out the facebook event (FR).

Description of the project “Listening To The Wisdom Of Niokominanak (Our Elders)”:

The project gathers the women of each nation, Elders and youth, with the aim of intergenerational transmission of identity, culture, and history through the perspective of Elders. The gatherings create a space where Elders are encouraged to assume their traditional roles of teachers as they share their experiences and teachings with the young women from their nation.

This project was welcomed first by the Naskapi nation. The gathering took place in Kawawachikamach on September 22nd and 23rd. The women prepared food together, sharing their recipes and cooking techniques. The Elders shared their stories with the youth and took the time to discuss the needs of their community, and what could be done to better the conditions of their community. This was a great opportunity for the youth to hear the perspectives of their Elders, who have witnessed the changes throughout history, in their time. The youth had the opportunity to learn from the Elders who have developed a perspective, based on their wisdom and experience, on what it takes to feed, to nurture, their community.