17 November

QNW employees launch the Donna Wari:so:se Lemay QNW Award, which recognizes the outstanding contributions of Indigenous women to their community. Two awards are offered: $1000 and $500.

A candidate can apply by herself, or another person can apply on her behalf, as long as both are indigenous women living in Quebec. A second person 18 years of age or over must co-sign the submission, which must be received no later than November 17th, 2019 at info@faq-qnw.org. Recipients will receive the award in person, at a gathering organized by QNW on Saturday, November 23 in Laval.

The application letter must not exceed two (2) pages. The application should include at least one written testimony from a person explaining the benefits to the community resulting from the candidate’s involvement. The first award is for women who instigated one or more specific projects. The second award is for women who have diverse community involvement, for example as a volunteer. A photo of the candidate would be appreciated, as well as photos of the beneficiaries of her actions.

First $ 1,000 award
Only Indigenous women aged 18 to 35 can apply for this award. Selection criteria:

  • What was the exceptional contribution, what improvement or benefit did the woman bring about?
  • What was the motivation leading to the initiative: what led the woman to take the initiative? (If the letter is from the woman who made the contribution.)
  • Who benefited from this initiative (which community or group)?
  • How did the candidate implement or create this contribution to the community or group?
  • Does the contribution offer a one-time benefit, or one that lasts over time?

Second $ 500 award
All Indigenous women can apply for this award. Selection criteria:

  • How does this woman get actively involved in her community?
  • What is the motivation of this woman to get involved in her community?
  • Who (which community or group) benefited from this woman’s involvement?

Send your application to info@faq-qnw.org. Deadline: November 17th!

The name of the Donna Wari:so:se Lemay QNW Award refers to a former QNW employee who passed away in the summer of 2018. Donna was an inspiring woman for her sweetness, kindness, happiness and generosity. She has left her mark in our hearts and minds, and through this annual award we wish to continue to honor her memory and her values.