04 December

Following an interruption due to the Covid-19 pandemic, QNW announces the return of the
annual Donna Wari:so:se Lemay Award!

The bursaries are made possible by a friend and ally of Quebec Native Women (QNW). The
objective is to highlight the contribution of QNW staff in their work to improve the conditions of
Indigenous women and girls in Quebec.

The QNW team is offering two awards, the first of $1,000 and the second of $500 to young
Indigenous women between the ages of 18 and 35 who have made outstanding contributions to
their communities over the past 12 months. These contributions can be in the form of active
involvement in the community to promote wellness.

Eligibility requirements
● Be an Indigenous woman between the ages of 18 and 35;
● Be a member of QNW;
● Have made a significant contribution in the last 12 months to the well-being of your
community (in an urban or Indigenous community);

DEADLINE to send the application to info@faq-qnw.org : November 21, 2021
● Either a letter of application of 2 pages maximum
● Or a video of maximum 2 minutes

Have a co-signer for the application;
Include a testimonial from an individual explaining the benefits to the community.

If you have any questions or need more information, please write to: jeunesse@faq-qnw.org


The name of the Donna Wari:so:se Lemay FAQ Awards refers to a former QNW employee who
passed away in the summer of 2018. Donna was an inspiring woman with her gentleness,
kindness, joie de vivre and generosity. She left her mark on our hearts and minds, and through
this annual awards we wish to continue to honor her memory and values.


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Quebec Native Women would like to once again congratulate the two winners of the Donna Wari:so:se Lemay Award!
– Alex Laviolette Moar for the $1000 award
– Gabrielle Vachon-Laurent, vice-president of QNW, for the $500 award
We also consider it important to congratulate all those who took the time to submit their applications. Another award will be posted in 2022!
Stay tuned!